Bee & Ryan go to camp this week, Cheerleader Camp that is. Listen as they discuss this Leif Garret staring slasher that has some awesome surrealist dream sequences, decent kills, a final girl gone "crazy" & plenty of misogynistic themes to dive into.

PLUS they talk Nevada City Film Fest, Satanic Panic, 90's thrillers, & Magic Mike in their Pop Culture Check-In."

#43: THE CARPENTER (1988) w/ Aaron Dries & Brennan Klein


This week Ryan & Bee are joined by Aaron Dries & Brennan Klein for a very special episode dissecting 1988's The Carpenter. This Wings Hauser led Canadian slasher has a lot more to unpack than you would think and our hosts really dive into it. We talk kills, quirky dialogue, character motives, and even who we would cast if we remade the film. (Somebody, please, pay us to remake this film)

#40: FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980)

Ryan and Bee are back after a small break and in a big way. Before the pop culture check in, they break down some new and exciting news, both personal and podcast wise. During the check in, Ryan has seen some new theatrical releases, both genre and not, while Bee takes a trip back through her visit into the Child's Play franchise and both saw a new Netflix release. Finally, a full blown dig into one of the most decorated and celebrated slashers of all time, Friday the 13th.