Aquatic Horror Month #1: JAWS (1975)

It’s summertime and the dyin’ is easy! Put on your swim fins and prepare for a dip in Amity Bay with JAWS!

Join us as we review the 1975 Spielberg flick, dissect the man, the myth, the cartoon that is Quint, and make comments that are more than a little bit controversial about a minted classic. Even Brennan himself gets upset at some of the things he says.

First Films Month #1: DUEL (1971)

It’s the first week of First Films month and we’re starting with the big guns. Did you know filmmaking giant Steven Spielberg cut his teeth on a TV movie thriller in 1971? That’s right, in this episode we’re hitting the road and watching DUEL.

Join us as we review the film, discuss our vague memories of American history, and talk roadside safety and/or proper sandwich ordering.