Slasher month continues on its merry way through the woods with the third entry in a campsite slasher stalwart: SLEEPAWAY CAMP III: TEENAGE WASTELAND

Join us as we review the film, discuss how much it’s weirdly different from Part II which was filmed at the same time, Brennan gets interrupted by dogs a whole bunch, and Sergio takes the lead in reading the plot! Stick around for the credits to hear our rendition of the Pamela Springsteen classic “I’m a Happy Camper”!

Ten Word Reviews: It (2017), Something Like Summer, Sister Act

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Gay Directors Month #2: SEED OF CHUCKY (2004)

It’s the second week of Gay Directors Month, and we settle into a much better film, though not every listener will agree with us: 2004’s SEED OF CHUCKY!

Join us as we review Don Mancini’s masterpiece, compare our current watch to how it felt to watch it as a kid, and dig into the queer subtext coursing through the entire thing.

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