Anniversary Month #1: LET ME IN (2010)

For the first week of Anniversary Month, we’re checking back in on one of the very first films we reviewed this year: LET THE RIGHT ONE IN’s American remake, LET ME IN!

Join us as we review the film and discuss transplanting the story to New Mexico in the 80’s, Charlie Brown parents, and 13-ish reasons why Sergio loved 13 Reasons Why!

Ten Word Reviews: The Amityville Horror, Rough Night, The Book of Henry

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Dark Castle Month #1: THIR13EN GHOSTS (2001)

It’s time to open the cobwebby door of Dark Castle and discover THIR13EN GHOSTS!

Join us as we review the 2001 William Castle remake, discuss Sergio’s childhood love of the film, and experience a peculiar reversal as he actually has to defend a flick from BRENNAN’s ill will. Usually it’s the other way around!