Aquatic Horror Month #4: ORCA: THE KILLER WHALE (1977)

Aquatic Horror Month is winding down, and as we remove our flippers let’s review the final film of the month: 1977’s ORCA: THE KILLER WHALE!

Join us as we discuss the movie, Liam Neeson whales, and stick around at the end for a little intro to Pod People’s newest show!

Ten Word Reviews: The Great Wall, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, It Comes At Night

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For the final week of the increasingly interestingly-titled giallo month, we visit the 1972 flick YOUR VICE IS A LOCKED ROOM, AND ONLY I HAVE THE KEY!

Join us as we review the film, which was directed by co-host namesake Sergio Martino. We also try to wrap our heads around the serpentine plot, compare it to the source material (Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat”), and discuss everyone’s new favorite character: the Jim Henson Trash Lady!

Giallo Month #3: DELIRIUM: PHOTOS OF GLORIA (1987)

For the third week of giallo month, we visit Lamberto Bava’s 1987 flick DELIRIUM: PHOTOS OF GLORIA, one of the very last entries in the giallo cycle!

Join us as we review the film, discuss boobs for a solid fifteen minutes, and learn if the 80’s will treat Sergio any better than the 70’s!

First Films Month #3: PIRANHA II: THE SPAWNING (1981)

This week, our First Film comes from the back catalogues of superstar director/box office devourer James Cameron circa 1981: PIRANHA II: THE SPAWNING.

Join us as we review the film, assess its place in Cameron’s filmography (spoiler alert: it’s low), and learn more misinformation about American history!

Apologies for the sound quality on the dialogue clips. Finding a good quality copy of this movie is like trying to find the most perfectly shaped turd. Some might be better, but they’re all still turds.