Dark Castle Month #1: THIR13EN GHOSTS (2001)

It’s time to open the cobwebby door of Dark Castle and discover THIR13EN GHOSTS!

Join us as we review the 2001 William Castle remake, discuss Sergio’s childhood love of the film, and experience a peculiar reversal as he actually has to defend a flick from BRENNAN’s ill will. Usually it’s the other way around!

Mexican Horror Month #3: HASTA EL VIENTO TIENE MIEDO (1968)

This week we’re going back into the annals of Mexican cinema history for 1968’s HASTA EL VIENTO TIENE MIEDO (EVEN THE WIND IS AFRAID)!

Join us as we review the film, attempt to show off our terrible Spanish, and discuss the long, arduous journey it took to get here.

If you donate to one of the following organizations, you will be able to choose a movie we review on the show!

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CHIRLA  (Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles) chirla.org

Immigration Equality immigrationequality.org

National Immigration Forum immigrationforum.org

Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights theyoungcenter.org

Extra Credit: THE CONJURING 2 (Home Video Review)

We know it's the middle of Vampire month, but it's time to take A break from the bloodsucking and take a quick journey over to England for a very special bonus episode covering THE CONJURING 2, now on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Ultraviolet (probably).

Join us as we review the fiLm, discuss the death of sitcoms, and gush about that fateful water scene about as much as the pipes in the basement gush brackish sludge. See you this weEKend for FRIGHT NIGHT!