Anniversary Month #2: ORPHAN (2009)

For the second week of Anniversary Month, we’re reviewing a film we missed during our Dark Castle month: 2009’s ORPHAN!

Join us as we review the film and rant about Ryan Reynolds’ immoral behavior in DEFINITELY MAYBE, the Orphan’s terrible grandma, and basically anything that comes to mind. This is a very rant-heavy episode, to be honest.

Ten Word Reviews: Baby Driver, Playing It Cool, Definitely Maybe

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Dark Castle Month #3: GOTHIKA (2003)

For the third week of Dark Castle Month, we explore the company’s first legitimate success, even if it was panned by the critics: GOTHIKA!

Join us as we review the film, marvel at how lucid Sergio is even though he napped during the movie, and discuss the deep societal issues being unearthed by this incredibly important film.

Dark Castle Month #2: HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1999)

For the second week of Dark Castle Month, we dare you to spend the night in THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1999)!

Join us as we review the film, discuss the world’s most devastatingly beautiful Krispy Kreme, and hear Brennan rant about the first theme month that wasn’t explicitly tailored toward his interests.

Dark Castle Month #1: THIR13EN GHOSTS (2001)

It’s time to open the cobwebby door of Dark Castle and discover THIR13EN GHOSTS!

Join us as we review the 2001 William Castle remake, discuss Sergio’s childhood love of the film, and experience a peculiar reversal as he actually has to defend a flick from BRENNAN’s ill will. Usually it’s the other way around!