Episode 19: Now Screaming w/ Andrew Furtado

This week we flee to Midian to join the NIGHTBREED... (THE DIRECTOR'S CUT). I don't have a pun for that part. We are joined by Andrew Furtado, editor of the director's cut, and we review the film, hear behind-the-scenes stories of the most contentious editing process in the history of film, and peek behind the curtain at bathroom breaks! This episode contains foul language,so listener discretion is advised.

Episode 17: Pretty Little Myers w/ Lucas Cathey

Happy happy HALLOWEEN! Join us (and our horror virgin sound engineer Lucas Cathey) on a trip to Haddonfield, where the kids are getting dressed up, the streets are lined with fake autumn leaves, and Michael Myers has come home to roost. And by roost we mean stick a knife in some unsuspecting teenagers.

Episode 11: Silence is Golden w/ Sergio Huerta

This week our discussion revolves around the 1991 psychological thriller THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Join Shannon, Brennan, and special guest, Brennan's boyfriend Sergio, as they discuss the film, fluffy dogs, and Shannon's tear-soaked ten word review of Whiplash. Enjoy this episode with some fava beans and a nice Chianti!

Episode 5: Thunder Down Under w/ Cassidy Rice

Welcome back to Scream 101! Today's episode focuses on the 2013 Aussie backwoods torture satire 100 BLOODY ACRES, in which two enterprising brothers use live bodies to boost the potassium content in their fertilizer. We review the film with a very special guest, our good friend Cassidy Rice, discuss if the film is feminist, argue over juice boxes and Troll 2, and much much more!