Episode 37: April, Why Do You Play the Fool?

This week we decided to take a break from horror and review the Meryl Streep classic MAMMA MIA! Join us as we review the film, sing along to the soundtrack, discuss the massive shawl from "The Winner Takes it All," and rank our top 3 spangly outfits!

...April Fool's! This week we're watching the not-so classic April Fool's slasher KILLER PARTY. Get ready, y'all, cuz it's a doozy.

Episode 31: Heart-Shaped Box

Hey hey hey! A caveat: This episode had a major technical malfunction, so the sound quality is not the gold standard you've come to expect from Scream 101. But it's still chock full of terrifying, hilarious goodies! This week we watched 1981's MY BLOODY VALENTINE. Join us as we review the film, discuss Canadian chick flicks, and have a happy belated Valentine's Day!