Episode 31: Heart-Shaped Box

Hey hey hey! A caveat: This episode had a major technical malfunction, so the sound quality is not the gold standard you've come to expect from Scream 101. But it's still chock full of terrifying, hilarious goodies! This week we watched 1981's MY BLOODY VALENTINE. Join us as we review the film, discuss Canadian chick flicks, and have a happy belated Valentine's Day!

Episode 30: Shock Talk w/ Russell Todd of Friday the 13th Part 2

This week, we have the unspeakable pleasure of dropping a line to Russell Todd of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2, CHOPPING MALL, HE KNOWS YOU'RE ALONE, and the Russell Todd Agency for Steadicam operators. He has experience in pretty much every aspect of the entertainment industry that exists and may or may not be responsible for Guardians of the Galaxy. Check it out!

Episode 24: May Your Days be Scary and Fright

We're dreaming of a BLACK CHRISTMAS... Just like the ones we used to know. Where the treetops glisten with blood and you slay belles in the snow. Join us as we review the 1974 classic, play a very special Christmas horror game, and argue about drunk sorority sisters. Enjoy unwrapping this festive episode!

Episode 19: Now Screaming w/ Andrew Furtado

This week we flee to Midian to join the NIGHTBREED... (THE DIRECTOR'S CUT). I don't have a pun for that part. We are joined by Andrew Furtado, editor of the director's cut, and we review the film, hear behind-the-scenes stories of the most contentious editing process in the history of film, and peek behind the curtain at bathroom breaks! This episode contains foul language,so listener discretion is advised.