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Welcome to Gore Gab! The podcast that shoves awesome horror movies directly into your earholes! Listen to us dissect the greatest that the horror world has to offer. If you don't want to watch them, we will!

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There isn't much to say about Final Destination 5, except that it is pretty terrible. If you are a fan of CGI blood, bad acting, bad faces, bad voices, horrible writing, a story that doesn't make any sense and, of course, every stereotype in the book, this is the movie for you! Join us as we struggle to come up with things to talk about. This movie sucks!

Episode 6: HALLOWEEN

Join us for a very special Halloween episode of Gore Gab as we talk about...Halloween! Duh. John Carpenter's seminal slasher flick gets the Gab treatment! Listen to us gush about the awesomeness that is Michael Myers, and Uncle Ponyboy talk about his love for a young Jamie Lee Curtis! It's time for some Gabbage! 

(Not cabbage. Gross.)

Episode 1: BLOOD RAGE

Check out the first episode of Gore Gab! featuring the 1987 masterpiece of genre cinema, BLOOD RAGE. Starring Mark Soper and Louise Lasser, BLOOD RAGE follows the exploits of a serial killer as he kills pretty much everyone in the Shadow Woods...whatever it is. Commune? Apartments? Nobody knows! You'll laugh until your funny bone hurts! Join Uncle Ponyboy and DJ Gill as they dissect the greatest slasher that nobody has seen!

You'll have to excuse us for the length of this episode. It's our first episode and it we shortened as much as we could! Thanks for listening!!