Eerie Earfuls 02: Urban Legend/Theater of Blood

In this episode, we discuss themed killers out for revenge with the 1998 post-Scream slasher Urban Legend and the 1973 Vincent Price film Theater of Blood.

We cover Rebecca Gayheart's and Vincent Price's amazing performances, urban legends, Parisian theaters, and Dreamgirls. (Also, the song that Brandon was referring to before the "Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Light" sequence in Urban Legend was "Crop Circle" by Monster Magnet.)

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01: Horror Shorts (Pilot)


In our pilot episode, we discuss two short films: Oculus Chapter 3: The Man with the Plan (2005) and Don't Look Away (2017). Plus, we discuss the horror genre and what it means to us. 

(Theme music - "Baba Yaga" by Kevin MacLeod; synopsis music - "Anxiety")

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