The Pod People podcast network was created by Brennan Klein in 2016 as a place where niche, nerdy, fringe obsessions could come home to roost. Our goal is to connect podcast listeners to funny, informative, diverse content that explores the outer reaches of entertainment and culture with an intelligent, engaging flair.



Brennan Klein: Creator, Producer, Co-Host of Scream 101


Brennan is a devout horror fan who has great taste in terrible movies. He believes that even the worst, low budget B flicks are worth a look and have something to say, even if it's unintentional. In addition to Pod People, he's a contributor at You can read his full length movie reviews at Popcorn Culture.

Obsessions: 80's Slashers, Wes Craven, The Muppets, Pedro Almodóvar, ABBA, Friends

Sergio Huerta: Co-Host of Scream 101

Sergio finds delight in all things toilet humor. A child of the Judd Apatow era of movies, he spends his days longing for Seth Rogen to notice him. If not Seth Rogen, then perhaps Meryl Streep playing Rogen? It could work.

Obsessions: Animated hijinks, adult animation, teary Meryl Streep movies, dogs, and cupcakes!

Uncle Ponyboy: Co-Host of Gore Gab

Ryan "Uncle Ponyboy" Wheeler was born in Claremore, OK during the height of the slasher craze. Due to constant recommendations from his parents, and the awesomeness of having a mom that worked at a video store, Ryan spent a large portion of his childhood renting any horror movie he could get his hands on. Starting with classics like Jaws, Friday the 13th, Alien and Predator, he honed his critiquing skills to become a legendary vault of useless facts. Ryan enjoys spending time with his family, collecting horror movie memorabilia, and he can't wait to share the glory of the horror movie with his son, Oliver.

Obsessions: French New Wave horror movies, horror movie action figures, Hellraiser, 80s synth soundtracks.

DJ Gill: Co-Host of Gore Gab

Daniel "DJ" Gill was born in Tulsa in 1989. He discovered a love for horror films at the age of 15, when classics such as Halloween, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street became constant viewing selections. He spends his free time exploring nature and taking photographs with his beautiful wife. By day he works as a software analyst, and by night, well, you don't want to know him by night.

Obsessions: Coffee, skateboards, shoes, Blink-182.

Shannon Cholakian: Co-Host of Scream 101, Season One

Shannon had to deal with four years of being dragged into bad horror films by Brennan until she stopped fighting and gleefully decided to acknowledge her own love of horror. Her commentary was mostly frustration at characters who are not the brightest of the bunch, and she kept Brennan from going off on too many tangents. She is currently serving with the Americorps in Seattle but still watches horror films weekly.

Obsessions: Social Justice, Education, The Greater Good, Fresh Veggies, and of course, good old fashioned Gore.